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Looks for Every Style and Budget

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"This holiday ornament offers maximum look for minimal storage in the off season. Its design is smart and effective.
Robert smith
  • Verified Buyer


Have too many Santas!

"Nice sturdy material and easy storage, very beautiful delicate design, im rlly happy with the product, God bless"
James Alexander
  • Verified Buyer


Santa is fuzzy cute!

"I love my fuzzy little santa! He's the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to get my tree up and hang my santa right in the center."
Emily Elizabeth
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Frequently asked questions

Will I be notified when my order ships?

Yes! A tracking number will be sent to the email address provided during checkout when the order ships. If your order has multiple items, they may be shipped separately with different tracking numbers.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, wholesale pricing is offered to licensed retail operators who can provide a resale certificate. If you have a business and are interested in selling our products, visit ecompser.io and fill out the "Request an Account" form using the link on the top right of our home page.

Why is the same item listed twice at two different prices?

Sometimes a product appears the same, but is available in two different sizes, which are priced differently. Also, if we buy items in bulk at different times, one may be priced to liquidate.

Why does my wreath appear small?

Wreaths need to be fluffed and shaped to reach their full measured size. We package our wreaths tightly for your protection to ensure that they will not get damaged during transit.

Why is part of my light strand not lighting?

Sometimes a section of your Christmas lights may not light up. If this happens, try some simple troubleshooting.
  1. Today’s light sets are made so that the remaining lights will work, even if one burns out. You can remove and/or replace the burned out bulb or leave it in. However, a bulb that is only partially inserted in its socket may cause part or all of the strand to fail. Check that all bulbs are firmly set into their sockets and retry. 
  2.  Remove the bulb and adjust the wire if necessary to see if the bulb wires are making proper contact.